IN THE NAME OF GOD. THE MOST MERCIFUL,THE MOST COPASSIONATE-AYATOLLAH javadi ameli,s reaction to the remarks of the Friday imam of azar shahar city- AYATULLAH JAVDI AMOLI said the best way for them is to fully observe the sanctity of thes holy essences-as- we always need unty, especially in these matters- according to Shiite news  AYATOLLAH JAVADI  AMOLI said the best for them is to fully respect to sanctity of these holy beings-as- and we always need unity especially in these matters- AT the end of today,s lesson outside of  jurispuris prudence- the imitation authority in response to the recent remarks o a sunni scholar  stated that regarding this in corrct statement  that some people have un fortunately uttered. They shoud know that some thikgs are not like that it is part ofa single narration and for example Shiite have said so- this purity of AHLOL-BAYT is mentioned- in  verse of purification if them in quan- -it is in prayers-it is op pilgrimage- and other items-great generations- pure and majestic mothers –it is not only one ortwo verses and narrative- on the other hand-  they have a noble family- the existtance holy prophet ordered that if you fougth and you won must respect people in terms of good noble characters—AFTERALL- when you become master you think  every one mustbe equally- evenisan infidel if you dominate the infidels those are elders to act toa certain extent- take  the little class ones to another level- it  turns out that they live graciously the orser is tha those  you captured belong to family of king- these people imam as – said bring them to us because we can keep and respect the dignity of them- this is a etiquette- if the story of shahrbano- and like with that narration that was made thy  brough and came to the blessed existence of the ahl-bayat on   their orders because they  can maintain this situation- for this the best is thatis the best way for them  it is to fully- observe the sanctity of these holy essences we always need unity especially in these matters