The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution this morning (Sunday) in a video meeting with a group of different strata of the people of Qom, called the historic uprising of December 10, 1977 in Qom "the depth of religious belief" and "religious zeal with rationality" and referring to the American cosmos Arising from the beliefs of the Iranian nation, they said: "We must move towards the bright vision of the future with the current task, with hope, unity and strength, and in this direction we must solve the tangible efforts for ourselves by strengthening and completing the people." Developer problems. The Revolution of December 10, 1977 was called the source of a series of movements in different cities and ultimately the victory of the Revolution and added: Such events that have strong themes and messages of great leaders for future generations, should not be diminished in the dust of oblivion. They added: The events of January 10 and its socio-political sequence showed the depth of the religious beliefs of the people because if the Imam as a source of imitation and religious scholars were not at its center, no other person and current could make the nation rise to the city. . Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the brave religious scholars and politicians in the historical and social events of the last 150 years in Iran, including the issue of tobacco, the constitutional movement, the Goharshad incident, the July 20 uprising and the June 6 uprising, said: Influential elements may be a number of people. But to wave the great Asia of the nation against colonialism and arrogance and their successors is only the work of a religious scholar and authority, and from here the secret of the enmity of the arrogant with religion, religious scholars, political scholars, political jurists and Islam can be found. Political understood. Referring to those who consider the slogan "Death to America" as the reason for the constant characteristics of arrogance with the Islamic Republic, they added: "America is deeply rooted in the Islamic enemy because it considers this system to be based on religion and the manifestation of the nation's religious beliefs." Ayatollah Khamenei cited religious zeal as another factor in the uprising and said: "Some attempts and propaganda are made to call religious zeal 'irrational and violent', but the truth is that religious zeal is accompanied by rationality and arises from insight and insight." . It is a branch and a manifestation of rationality, while in practice, in some cases, religious zeal has been associated with rationality.


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